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Core Educational Components

         Helping children cope with divorce/separation

  • Developmental stages of children 

  • What children need from parents after separation and divorce

  • Explaining divorce to children

  • Impact of separation/divorce on children

  • Communication without blaming or condemning 

  • Problem-solving techniques

  • Anger management

  • Stress, anxiety, and depression in children (coping strategies)



Dealing with your ex-partner around parenting issues

  • Custody, visitation, and consistency 

  • Identify the potential signs of domestic violence: heightened anger

  • Legal requirements:  Protection From Abuse orders and Stay Away orders

  • Resources (such as visitation centers, and community services) 

  • Successful Co-parenting

  • Roles

  • Identity

  • Conflict resolution and effective communication with your ex-partner


Strategies for coping with your new family structure

Avoidance of unhealthy behaviors (e.g., substance abuse, violence, and withdrawal

Developing healthy coping skills

Coping strategies for positive interactions with family:

How separation and divorce trigger control issues 

How to structure healthy interaction with children

Taking responsibility for personal behavior and how it impacts the children

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