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PCIT International Convention 2024

Fletcher, A., Masse, J., & Corcoran, J. (2024, September 3-6). Attitudes and experiences of parents of children diagnosed with autism toward parent-child interaction therapy (PCIT). [Individual Paper Presentation]. 2024 PCIT International Convention.

2024 Compassionate Champion Award Recipient 

Dr. Fletcher's work with the first responder training program at the DNEA was awarded a 2024 Compassionate Champion Award. The award was presented on behalf of the Family Services Cabinet Council, Trauma Matters Delaware, and the Office of Governor Carney to recognize exceptional trauma-informed care provided by individuals and organizations in Delaware.


The National Education Equity Lab Teaching Fellow: The University of Pennsylvania

Alisha served as a teaching fellow in the Introduction to Social Work course offered by Penn's School of Policy & Practice through the National Education Equity Lab.

Wilmington University 2021 Exemplary Level Pathways to Instructional Excellence 

The Pathways to Instructional Excellence (PIE) guides WilmU instructors through a competency-based curriculum, helping them become more accomplished instructors who can better teach WilmU students.

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