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Social Skills & Support Group
September - December 2019
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5:00-6:00 Group 

Early Elementary School

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6:00-7:00 Group 

Late Elementary - Middle School

What parents and kids say . . . 

"My middle son has always struggled with inattention and social difficulties.  Alisha has been seeing him individually and suggested her social group for him to participate in.  He was very reluctant initially, but after the first group, he has been looking forward to going.  Alisha does a great job building rapport with the children, and my son asks to see Alisha individually for additional support when he needs it. He said, "She helps me deal with problems and feel better about things and help me know more about myself than I do. That's the great thing.'" 


"My son likes that there are kids with the same interests as him. 'I get to make a lot of friends, and it teaches kids how to listen, face their fears, and get along with others. The kids in the group like playing the games with Alisha and other kids in the group. She also helps kids with problems at school and tells people about solutions.'"

"Since he has been going to social skills group, he has been more expressive about his feelings. He is now better able to tell us what is bothering him, and is encouraged by the support he receives in the group setting. His teachers have noticed a difference at school as well. They say that he is more engaged with other students, and participates in group activities more. The social skills group is a great outlet for him, and has allowed us to help our son become more socially active with his peers."

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